Foam Recycling Grant Program is Good News for the Environment

The Foam Recycling Coalition’s grant program is paving the way for companies to recycle expanded polystyrene (EPS) foam by easing the financial cost of “going green.” The program, which was launched last year, searches for applicants who want to improve the environment by implementing or bolstering an EPS foam recycling program.

Industry leaders, including Dart Container, have been pushing for government and businesses to realize EPS foam’s recycling potential. As a cheaper alternative to other similar products, foam is essential to small business owners in the food and service industries, but some officials still have their doubts about its environmental effects. Luckily, science has proven EPS foam is recyclable.

Because of EPS foam’s economic and environmental benefits, a network of allies has formed to spread the word among business and government leaders. Dart Container released a video explaining polystyrene foam’s environmental benefits when New York City began taking action to ban EPS foam. The FRC, under the Foodservice Packaging Institute, has already dispensed about $100,000 in grant money, according to Lynn Dyer, the president of the Food Packaging Institute.

These efforts are a start, and hopefully they will lead to a brighter future for the often misunderstood EPS foam. Last year, Denver’s Alpine Waste & Recycling and Colchester County, Nova Scotia, were given grants to bring EPS foam recycling services to their areas.

The program is aimed at post-consumer EPS foam recycling solutions in the food-service or packaging industries. The value of each grant ranges from $15,000 to $50,000. The final deadline for the 2016 round of grants is April 10. In late spring, grantees will know if they have been chosen to expand or implement their own EPS foam recycling programs.

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